Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thing Five -- Notetaking

I had a basic app on my phone called Color Note. I had been using this app to create lists for myself -- to do lists, grocery lists, gift lists, etc.  It is a very BASIC program with very little versatility. I am loving Springpad!! I am able to create my "to do" lists, grocery lists PLUS start saving recipes; movie and book titles. I like the way the material can be organized.  Based on some of the gluten-free recipes I've saved with ingredient lists, the app has started making suggestions of other resources available. Amazing!

I also tried Remember the Milk.  Lists can be created on this app as well. Plus, you can set reminders for yourself. It lets your prioritize lists and tasks, which is helpful.  I like the due date feature with notifications!! I will continue experimenting with both Springpad and Remember the Milk.  I don't need both app. I will decide which of these two programs is most beneficial to me and delete the other one.  Right now, I am torn between the two. Thanks to 23 mobile things, I have management tools right on my personal device.

Thoughts on Flipboard -- Thing Four

I spent a good bit of time over the past few days creating my flipboard. At first, it seemed helpful -- time-saving!  It's like MyGoogle meets facebook meets pinterest.  I have three pages of "personal magazines".  While I can see how this app would help people organize and stay connected with their online activities, I found it to be another task -- taking up too much of my time.  I will keep at for a month or so. Perhaps it will grow on me. For now, I want to move to Thing Five.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Thing Three Continued -- More Utilities

My Lucid 2 Smartphone came with Chrome already loaded. I use Internet Explorer at home on my laptop and Mozilla Firefox at work.  I like Firefox, so I added the browser to my Smartphone to try it out. Disaster!! My phone didn't like Firefox. When I was online, it kept crashing on me -- no matter what website I was on. I immediately uninstalled Firefox!

I am loving the iHome Sleep app.  I have already recommended it to several library customers. Falling asleep to soothing sounds is relaxing. I find that I am falling asleep quicker. I also enjoy waking to email and facebook updates, as well as the weather and headlines. Great app!!

I was already very familiar with Google search. The Google Goggles is even better. I took 10 pictures of things -- buildings, paintings, grocery items etc.  I couldn't believe the amount of information that was instantly available on 9 (NINE) of the 10 things. Pretty impressive!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Thing Three -- Utilities

I found the RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner very helpful. My son has Celiac's Disease. I have three gluten-free apps on my smartphone. Two of them use a barcode scanner to search for gluten-free products locally. The RedLaser app allows for price comparisons as well. Not only does it let me know where I can find these products locally, it tells me where I can find it at the cheapest price! Plus, RedLaser gives online alternative options for even better price.  RedLaser also gives product information, which is very helpful if seeking new products. I am hooked!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

More on Thing One -- Plus a link to a fabulous Column on the Importance of Reading

I just learned how to add a link to my blog. Because this is my first experience blogging, I thought I'd spend a more little time learning how to "blog"; share important links; etc.  This has been another success thanks to 23 mobile things!!  

 Here is the link! It is to a column published in the New York Times. I believe Charles M. Blow did a convincing job of providing evidence that "reading books is fundamental".

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More on Thing Two

On my Lucid 2, I have been having difficulty moving files, pictures and applications from my phone's memory to my micro SD card. It has 4GB internal memory and I was close to maxing that out. After learning how to take screenshots, I decided to do some more digging on how to manage my phone's memory. There was a how-to video on YouTube for that too! Who knew?  I was able to free up nearly ONE full GB of memory on my phone's direct memory. The how-to tutorial showing my exact phone, really assisted me in learning how to complete this process. I am still searching for a tutorial on how to cut and paste on my Lucid 2. Now that I am aware of the resources available, it will make my tasks much easier.